Our Mission

The M3 programme aims to significantly improve the mental health and wellness of students, teachers, and family members across New Zealand. This approach is designed to tackle our national crisis with mental health and suicide.

Our Philosophy

Hauora is a holistic Māori framework for wellbeing. It focuses on our mental, emotional, physical, and social wellbeing. M3 fosters these aspects through the telling and sharing of Māori stories (taha whānau), enhancing a sense of belonging to our land, our reo and the customs and traditions. We also create self-awareness through the practice of Mindfulness (taha hinengaro, taha wairua). Through the Movement of M3, we aim to both strengthen and stretch the body (taha tinana), whilst connecting the themes of our stories to the students’ bodies.

When we are well, we can blossom into a fuller expression of ourselves - from the inside out. There is a deeper connection to self, to others, and to everything around us!


Taha Hinengaro/Taha Wairua

Through breath techniques and visualisation, tamariki gain a sense of presence. Each session works with a takeaway theme such as calmness, happiness, peace and gratitude.


Taha Tinana

We take the strengthening and stretching elements of yoga to teach tamariki connection to body through storytelling.


Taha Whānau

The telling of our Māori stories and legends enable tamariki to connect to our rich Aotearoa - based culture. A sense of belonging is instilled.


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