A very motivating and insightful presentation pitched just right,  I thought, for the audience, he “ held” us all safely through some very emotive issues. Definitely agree that it would be really helpful for our children. - Kaiako, KidsFirst Christchurch

Best PD I’ve had at EBIS. I think it was the benefit of having something tangible to take away with me in my kete - It has already had its benefits in my classroom - Adam Hart, Evans Bay Intermediate

Great session with Jase. Very engaging speaker and created a very safe environment so that staff we're able to share thoughts comfortably. I would love to use videos in class as students would definitely benefit from having their own ‘toolkit’ - Tom Cathro, Kaiako, Evans Bay Intermediate

Mind-blowing Mindfulness!!  This is one of the best presentations I have EVER been to.  Jase is an authentic human who shares his story in a way that is so relatable to our own individual stories.  The take-home kete of resources is so valuable and I know will be supportive of weaving mindfulness into my everyday practice so I can take the best of care of myself, and give my best to the tamariki and whānau I work with. - Kaiako, South Canterbury Kindergartens

Kia ora Jase, Thanks for the inspiring speech at Timaru a couple of weeks ago. On a personal note, it was inspiring in terms of looking after ourselves as kaiako and guardians of our tamariki – it really resonated for me the importance of looking after ourselves in order to best serve our tamariki. After a year of looking into social and emotional competency as part of my teacher appraisal, I decided to follow up this year by focusing on breath and movement and to somehow weave Māori stories into this important work, then I see we are coming to your talk… THANK YOU! You brought it all together in such a simply magical way. I have 1 tamariki, who as a team, we have been working on her emotional responses, starting with a simple breath. She has a deep connection with Māori stories and so I can see how beautifully this will work to both embrace her love and connection with her place through Māori narratives but also by linking this to important breath work,  I can see we could make significant empowering changes in her life. Thank you again. - Kate Preston, Oamaru Kindergarten

Thanks, Jase so much - your session was fabulous - really tied our day together - and we had already decided that we needed to explore Te Whare Tapa Whā as we wanted our wellbeing model for our school to be based on this, so it was perfect!! - Julie Cowan, Principal, Reremoana School

“It makes me feel peaceful… Calm… Free… When you’re angry, you can breathe in and out and then calm down”  

"Tahi, rua, toru - hā helped me calm down when my brother pushed over my blocks"

"Tahi, rua, toru - hā made me fall asleep, when I was scared"

"I calmed down quickly when I fell over"

"The breathing and remembering how Māui was strong to pull down the sun, made me strong for the triathlon". - Tamariki, Taita Central

“Out in the playground, the children are using the breathing techniques and they’re quite proud about it. They come and tell me I used tahi, rua, toru - hā to calm down!”  - Tania Cohen, Principal, Taita Central

"Jase is a shining example of energised, mindful interaction and movement, and the benefits that come from incorporating these factors into life"  - Stacey Morrison, Broadcaster

"The children were calmer, happier, more confident and could discuss how breathing is a tool which can help them in challenging situations" - Essie Russell, Waikanae School

"I just wanted to listen to him all day... Rinaha is the most beautiful gentle looking young woman - did you see her eyes?... That was the best thing I have heard in ages... I want to go to Jase at the Kahui staff day! Yeah, me too... I feel so peaceful and we didn't even do any mindfulness or yoga" - Principal and Staff, Pomare School

"The mindfulness at the end is also great and again the repetition allows for children to learn the key messages and be able to take these into their everyday lives. I could see kaiako using these many times through the day to help tamariki self-regulate" - Michela Homer, Regional Professional Services Manager, Best Start

"In the time I have known Jase, he has shown integrity and a strong work ethic in the mahi he engages in.  Jase is passionate about all aspects of holistic well-being, particularly mental health and mindfulness in relation to our most vulnerable, and most treasured; our tamariki.  As a strongly bicultural organisation, working in the ECE sector, I believe Jase’s mahi with, and for the tamariki of Aotearoa, clearly aligns with our professional kaupapa" - Lisa Baker, Leader Education Delivery, Te Rito Maioha

"Once again thank you for yesterday – you were certainly a hit with our teachers" - Norma Roberts,
GM Professional Services, Hutt Kindergarten